In memory of

William D. Brandt

Nov 5, 1947
Feb 4, 2022


The world lost a most beautiful and loving soul on February 4, 2022. Born on November 5, 1947, and named after Supreme Court Justice William Orville Douglas, his mother knew he was destined for greatness and wrote and illustrated a book about him after he returned from serving in the Marines entitled The Book of Bill.

Bill excelled in sports and in the practice of law, but his most crowning achievement was his ability to love others without judgment and extend a helping hand to all without seeking anything in return. His practice of law focused on representing those who had been wronged in some manner and making it right for them.

As a Marine, his spirit embodied a fierce protectiveness towards those he loved which extended throughout his life. No one knew this more than his two daughters, who received love, support, and encouragement unrivaled by anyone else. Possessing a wonderful sense of humor and boundless optimism, he remained positive during life’s ups and downs and served as a role model and mentor to many. Those who knew him feel blessed to have been part of his life.

Bill is survived by an amazing number of friends, his wife Lois, daughters Paige and Mattie, granddaughter Hadley, sister Lark and brother Jesse. Please cherish those you love-let that be your donation on his behalf. A memorial service will be held March 6, 2022 at 11am at the Illahe Hills Country Club.

The Brandt family thanks you for the kind and loving condolences and for the flowers you’ve so graciously shared with our family.

Service Information

Celebration of Life
March 6, 2022 11:00 Am
Illahe Hills Country Club
3376 Country Club Drive South, Salem, OR 97302

Messages of Sympathy

  1. Forrest Brandt says:

    Ever since I was a small boy, I remember being excited to come to Oregon to and spending time with Uncle Billy was always a highlight. Taking his daughters, my cousins, and me blackberry picking, going for a ride in his convertible, family picnics at Granma Euni's and Lark and Mark's farm, at Grandpa Phil and Grand Mary's or at their house. As a teen visiting in the summers, Uncle Billy's kind heartedness and genrousity manifested in letting me campout in their TV room for a month. As college freshman and new emigrant to the US, homesickness was always relieved by visits to Salem and rounds of pool in the basement. But, I will always be grateful for morality that he instilled in me through his actions. His loyalty to family and generosity to others.
    I will miss him dearly. I know his spirit lives on in his wonderful daughters.

  2. James Alan Butte says:

    Billy was a dear friend and a wonderful person. I have treasured his friendship for over 60 years. Semper Fi brother.

  3. Nancy Rytel says:

    We are heartbroken and cannot put into words the loss of our Billito.So many wonderful memories and we are still processing the loss.Our condolences to you all Lois,Paige ,Mattie ❤️

  4. Mark Coutis says:

    I love all the great memories with Billy. He was a true friend, and I miss him dearly

  5. Chris Mongrain says:

    Bill will be missed by all who knew him. A brilliant, talented, compassionate, humorous and honorable man. Rest In Peace my friend.

  6. Gary Glaze says:

    I am shocked !
    My age !
    My class !

  7. Kevin C. Nortness says:

    I knew him (since 1996) as an attorney, colleague and friend. Bill could find humor where others doubted it could be found. And in my judgment he was right. It's there.

  8. Craig Moody says:

    For half a century, from the time he wheeled into the parking lot at Marine Corps Base Barstool, California in the biggest car I'd ever seen to the last time I saw him, right after my second Covid shot, Billy, or as he always wanted me to call him, His Hole-in-Oneness, was the single greatest force for mirth and good in my life. There were times, after he returned to Salem from The Bay Area when my wife and I just said, "we need a dose of Billy. Let's give him a call." Once, when became visiting after I'd just broken a few ribs in a bicycle accident, I actually had to shoo him away; it was simply too painful to be around him cause I could not keep from laughing.It was impossible to be "down" with Billy around. If you're somehow reading this Billy, my thanks are unbounded. Lois, Paige and Maddy, we were all so lucky to have time with your Billy.

  9. Phil Brandt says:

    Yes l am his brother, older by 5 years. My name is Philip Martin Brandt, III and l was named after our grand father and father. My nickname is Jesse. I cannot yet accept that my baby brother had passed from this world. I live half a world away in Thailand and won't be able to attend the memorial service on his honor. I regret this but have started a new family and my wife gave birth to triplets, including twin girls and a boy. I am cherishing the baby boy as if he were my baby brother Billy and although his name is Jordan, he has an uncanny resemblance to Billy. His nickname will be 'Billy Joe' and l get to hold him every day in my arms and cry a bit.

  10. Mark James says:

    So many Billy memories dating back to high school. He was a friend to all and was the good humor man who greeted you with a joke and left you in stitches. His memory will live on. My condolences to his entire family.

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