Celebration of Life

Funerals are events! And we are your source for all event-planning needs. Whether you want your loved one's life celebrated in a church, our chapel, in our reception room while enjoying a catered meal, or at their favorite destination, we can make it happen and are only limited by your imagination (and I suppose the laws of the land and laws of nature like gravity, but you get the idea:). We are Salem, Oregon's leaders and pioneers in funeral personalization. Every person is different and they deserve to have the celebration that best fits who they were, no matter what that means.

We believe that every life is unique and worth celebrating. We believe in the value of celebrating, remembering, and honoring those who have died. We believe in honoring veterans. We believe that the best way to do that is only known to the survivors, which is why we don't place families all into the same mold. We are all different and unique; shouldn’t our final event reflect that? We listen and act according to YOUR specific wishes.


Many families rely on their churches or religious organizations when a death occurs.  We recognize and realize that many people weren’t religious in their life time, so why would they want to be in death?  In fact, Oregon is one of the most non-religious states in the country.  Many people in our community refer to themselves as “spiritual” but not religious.  Where there is no religious tradition, many people are at a loss of what to do, and in the end, do nothing at all.  That is a tragedy.  Every life is meaningful and every life deserves to be remembered and celebrated. 

The answer is a Celebrant Service.  A celebrant is a highly trained life tribute professional who is an expert at creating one of a kind services aiming to perfectly reflect the deceased’s life.  A celebrant is a master of ceremonies who will utilize music, video, and customized décor to enhance the individuality of that service.  A celebrant meets with the family and learns their life story and shares it with the help of other families who wish to speak at the service. 

This is not to say that Celebrants are only appropriate or necessary for the “non-religious” people.  Quite the opposite actually; a celebrant service is perfect for any family who wants a highly trained master of ceremonies to officiate at their event.  It is for people who want someone who is a life tribute professional and who will intimately learn about someone’s life so they can share their life story and create a service that matches perfectly to who that person was.