The decision to go with earth burial or entombment in a mausoleum is steeped in tradition. We offer traditional burial services and have the ability to handle all types of funerals and burials. From the deeply religious and traditional, to those who simply prefer the idea of burial, we can help.

We have a large selection of caskets to choose from and work with all churches and organizations in the area to make sure your family’s service goes smoothly. Our funeral coach or hearse can make the procession to the cemetery an event of great dignity.

Whether you choose to accompany your casket burial with a viewing or formal services, we offer all of the necessary mortuary services to prepare your loved one for burial such as embalming, dressing, cosmetizing, and casketing. Choosing burial doesn’t exclude you from taking advantage of the amazing Celebrations of Life and Celebrant Services that we proudly offer at Johnson Funeral Home.

For burial services we can add custom printing of stationary, service folders, and register books. We also have the versatility to make personalized memorial DVD slideshows, play your favorite music, and decorate our facility to personalize your service to your exact specifications.