The decision to choose cremation over burial can be deeply personal and complicated. You may prefer cremation because it can be a less inexpensive end of life choice. You may like the versatility that cremations offer when it comes to memorialization, or products. Perhaps it is family tradition or you simply prefer it. You may even like cremation because it coincides with your desire to have a ecologically conscious or "green burial".  Regardless of your reason, rest assured we offer cremations and memorial services that can fit into any budget. A great companion to your cremation is a one of kind celebration of life with the help of a celebrant.

When you choose cremation we offer custom printing of service materials, cremation materials like urns, and jewelry, and a wide array of memorialization materials and services.

By choosing cremation you are not limited to a memorial service. Even with cremation, you can still have a traditional church service with a viewing and casket, and then follow it up with a cremation. Ask us how we can help you keep to traditions while still honoring your desire to be cremated.

For memorial services we can add custom printing of stationary, service folders, and register books. We also have the versatility to make memorial DVD slideshows, play your favorite music, and decorate our facility to personalize your service.

Whether you choose a casket burial or a cremation for your loved one, Johnson Funeral Home will handle everything.  We take care of all the paperwork needed for social security processing, military veterans’ benefits, assisting with life insurance claims, and providing you with death certificates that will be needed to finalize your loved one’s estate and affairs.  We navigate these treacherous waters so you and your family can rest at ease and focus on what is most important at this time, which is remembering and honoring your loved one.