In memory of

William D. Brandt

Nov 5, 1947
Feb 4, 2022


The world lost a most beautiful and loving soul on February 4, 2022. Born on November 5, 1947, and named after Supreme Court Justice William Orville Douglas, his mother knew he was destined for greatness and wrote and illustrated a book about him after he returned from serving in the Marines entitled The Book of Bill.

Bill excelled in sports and in the practice of law, but his most crowning achievement was his ability to love others without judgment and extend a helping hand to all without seeking anything in return. His practice of law focused on representing those who had been wronged in some manner and making it right for them.

As a Marine, his spirit embodied a fierce protectiveness towards those he loved which extended throughout his life. No one knew this more than his two daughters, who received love, support, and encouragement unrivaled by anyone else. Possessing a wonderful sense of humor and boundless optimism, he remained positive during life’s ups and downs and served as a role model and mentor to many. Those who knew him feel blessed to have been part of his life.

Bill is survived by an amazing number of friends, his wife Lois, daughters Paige and Mattie, granddaughter Hadley, sister Lark and brother Jesse. Please cherish those you love-let that be your donation on his behalf. A memorial service will be held March 6, 2022 at 11am at the Illahe Hills Country Club.

The Brandt family thanks you for the kind and loving condolences and for the flowers you’ve so graciously shared with our family.

Service Information

Celebration of Life
March 6, 2022 11:00 Am
Illahe Hills Country Club
3376 Country Club Drive South, Salem, OR 97302

Messages of Sympathy

  1. Ginger says:

    So many sweet memories of Billy in high school, traveling together with our Pavia classmates in Europe and great times during summers in Neskowin. He will be missed!!

  2. Coco Brush (widow John Brush) says:

    My husband was a Pavia,Italy classmate of Bill. We saw Bill the most during the year's with his 1st wife. Fun,intelligent. man! I remember our laughs & dancing in the living room many a rainy Oregon night. None. of us had much $$. Cheap times are the best times with a good friend.

  3. Geoff Gross says:

    I have known Bill since high school. He was a remarkable kid and a remarkable adult. He could tell the funniest stories you've ever heard. He was one of a kind and I will miss him greatly.

  4. Geoff and Chris Gross says:

    If love could have cured him, he would have lived forever.
    We share in your grief.

  5. Dirk Luehrs says:

    Cousin Bill was someone special. He will be truly missed. RIP Billy.

  6. Richard (CK)Yung says:

    For nearly 60 years Bill was a great friend. We had so many laughs over the years that it is impossible to remember them all.
    I can’t tell you how much he meant to me. I was privileged to be able to spend some great times with he and Lois in the last 5 years. I have he and Lois to thank for Deborah, so I will always be in your debt.
    Love you Billy!
    I am so sorry for all who loved him as I did.

  7. Jeanne Arana says:

    Had the opportunity to serve in the National Guard JAG section with Billy back in the early 90’s. Flash forward to my time as a commander and at odds with leadership. Billy was right there to do the right thing to protect our soldiers. Will miss knowing he was always just a phone call away…

  8. Joanie and Ron Rumble says:

    So sorry for your loss Lois. Wish we had the chance of knowing him better. Sounds like Billy was quite a gem. Sure enjoyed our times together. Condolences to you and the family.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Billy was a true force of nature. We were so lucky to have known him and been a part of his ride. Billy and I were roommates while he was in law school. I’de known him since we were in the seventh grade. We were ZUNTS In high school.
    Billy had the heart of a lion in sports, his brilliant humor and wit sent us into belly laughter.
    Billy deeply loved Lois and his daughters. I knew Larkin high school and I know she too is heartbroken.
    Billy was a caring person. When my brothers 104 year old mother-in-law passed Billy was at her service. She was his first grade teacher and he was appreciative of being taught to read by her.
    A Billy Brandt story. Or one time Billy lived to fight another day. .

    A little background first. My mother was a pacifist, my father was a Purple Heart winner from World War II, and we never had a firearm in our house.

    As a young boy growing up with the Baby Boomers in my neighborhood, I was left out of the BB gun fights and marksmenship target shooting practice because Mom ruled.

    But there was an older guy (OG) in the neighborhood who was an only child and had a brand new pump action BB gun. He let me use his other, old daisy BB gun. The Red Rider kind from the “you’ll shoot your eye out” Christmas movie.The kind that one poured BBs down the barrel and could hear them rattling around inside. Well, that BB gun ran out of bullets or BBs while I was using it.

    OG demanded his BB gun back and I gave it to him. I was a bit of a smarty-pants and certainly lipped off to him, knowing that the BB gun was empty as he cocked it and put it in my stomach. The challenge triggered him and he fired the empty BB gun (not empty) into my stomach, drawing a bit of blood and sending me home crying. Mom put a Band-Aid on it and I was fine.

    Skip ahead nearly 10 years when Billy, Greg Johnson and i were 19 years old and out Zena road hunting birds with .22 rifles. When we were done hunting, we were standing in a triangle. Greg took his rifle and pointed it into Billy‘s chest.

    I flashed back to when I’de been shot as I put my arm under Greg‘s rifle, raising the barrel into the air.

    Greg looked at me and stated, “oh it’s not loaded”. He then proceeded to pull the trigger. A loud bang went off.

    Greg’s rifle was loaded.

    Greg turned and looked at me, all his blood had drained from his face; he was white as a sheet, when he said “I was going to pull the trigger”.

    If I had not been shot as a 10-year-old with a BB gun I might have stood there and watched Billy being shot in the chest.

    Billy had another +50 of life after that.

    God Bless Billy as He always did.

    Billy never charged me for his legal services. .
    I miss him so much. .

  10. John Julio Rich says:

    Growing up with Billy was the best that life could give. What a loss. But how about those memories? Will forever love you Billy.

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