Pre-Planned Funeral

I’m sorry to break the news to you, but we will all die someday. Who wants to think about that though? Well, we make it easy! Take the opportunity to give your loved ones the gift of planning ahead. Pre-need funeral planning is a wise and prudent thing to do. The last thing you want to leave behind for your posterity is confusion and a bill. Come in and plan ahead by getting your wishes written down and paying in advance. We make the process easy. Allow your family to grieve your loss without the added burden of cost and unanswered questions.

Maybe you are super smart and you have done this already. Congratulations! But now you’re realizing that the funeral home you chose simply doesn’t compare with Johnson Funeral Home and you want us to help you and your family when that time comes. Lucky you! Johnson Funeral Home will gladly honor any pre-arranged funeral through another funeral home. We’ll take what you’ve already planned and paid for and give it the Johnson touch, at no additional cost.

Did you or a close family member, friend or relative just receive a hospice diagnosis?  This can be a sad and terrifying time.  A hospice diagnosis generally means that death will occur within 6 months.  Nobody wants to think about the end but you might be surprised how talking openly and planning ahead for that day will put your family at ease.  If you received a hospice diagnosis, call us right way and see how we can help.  Let your last days with your loved be spent with them, and leave the rest to us.