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Miles and Erin Johnson, Owners

Meet the funeral home owners

Hi, I’m Miles Johnson, owner of Johnson Funeral Home. My wife Erin and I started Johnson Funeral Home with the vision of providing Salem with caring, and personalized funeral services while maintaining affordability. Whether it’s cremation, burial or pre-planning that you’re interested in, we invite you to call 24/7 or stop by to see how we can serve you. We are Salem’s FAMILY Funeral Home.

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Our Services


We offer traditional burial services and have the ability to handle all types of funerals and burials. From the deeply religious and traditional, to those who simply prefer the idea of burial, we can help.

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We offer cremations and memorial services that can fit into any budget. A great companion to your cremation is a one of kind celebration of life with the help of a celebrant.

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Celebration of Life

We are Salem, Oregon’s leaders and pioneers in funeral personalization. Every person is different and they deserve to have the celebration that best fits who they were, no matter what that means.

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Pre-need funeral planning is a wise and prudent thing to do. The last thing you want to leave behind for your posterity is confusion and a bill. Come in and plan ahead by getting your wishes written down and paying in advance.

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Our Google Reviews

  • 5 star review  Having had a family owned business ourselves, our first thought after our youngest daughter passed away unexpectedly, was to call Johnson Funeral Home hoping to experience that little extra one on one caring during this trying time. As we hoped, Miles was there with us in every detail in taking care of our daughter. Miles even had to make some adjustments to accommodate the timing of the funeral .Thanks to Miles and his wife for your services.

    thumb Steve Sellers
  • 5 star review  The best way to say it.keep it simple.Johnson Funeral Home, took amazing care, and took there time. To help my family. When we all needed it.I will not forget this place. Thank You God Bless You

    thumb Xavier Aguilar
  • 5 star review  My mother recently passed in an accident while it was a painful and unexpected experience Johnson funeral home made my family’s tough time a bit easier with how friendly and fair they were with us. They let us know up front that with car accidents sometimes viewing isn’t a great idea with how bad they can be. But they did an amazing job in making sure that my mother was presentable and with COVID these times gatherings are a bit tough especially with my large family but they were very accommodating with a time slot so we had ample time for my family members to come and go. I’m very thankful for how they treated me and my family and would recommend them any chance I get

    thumb Chris Vega
  • 5 star review  Miles Johnson was wonderful to work with during a very devastating time. I appreciated his no-nonsense approach when making decisions and he was easily available whenever I needed to call for information or clarification. It was also helpful to me personally that the funeral home didn't have the "feel" of the more typical funeral homes which helped ease the need in being there. My family members felt valued and Miles listened to our concerns.

    thumb Beth Bontrager
  • 5 star review  When you lose someone, you love the last thing you want to do is be inundated with all the minute details involved in laying your loved one to rest. I would encourage you to do as my Mom so smartly did and that is to prearrange what she and Dad wanted to happen on that inevitable day of death for one of them. My Dad happened to be the one we lost but because Mom had met with Miles Johnson of Johnson Funeral Home and had a plan all made and paid for the before that sad day came, it took so much of the pressure off. The reason we chose Johnson Funeral Home was due to a close friend 's having lost his son and all the good things they had to say concerning working through the process with Miles and his wife. Now it is my hope that I too can pass on the positive experience of dealing with Johnson's Funeral Home. I too want to set up and pay for a plan for my husband and I as soon as we can. Since my Dad passed at home there is a process that has to be followed but Miles was here to take care of my Dad as soon as that process was over. We felt very confident in turning our loved one over into his care. He was caring, compassionate and respectful. He made all the arrangements and kept us informed for the military ceremony and was there with us. Thank you Miles, for no pressure when it came to choosing the direction Mom wanted for their final day. You hear so many scare stories about some funeral homes using grief to guilt you into something you can't afford or don't wish to take part in. I too was so impressed by their celebration page where we could post a complete obituary (no charge) that you are able to share the link to for all friends and family to have access to, especially those who live far away. Please consider using Johnson's Funeral Home if you are in need of some super people to help you get through your loss.

    thumb Randie Weathers

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