In memory of

William "Bill" Marshall Martin

Jun 17, 1955
Sep 3, 2022


William (Bill) Marshall Martin, 67, passed away on Saturday morning, September 3, 2022 at his home in Salem, Oregon.

Bill spent over 40 years in public service, first as an Orange County, CA Sheriff’s Deputy. He subsequently worked for the City of Rohnert Park, CA as a public safety officer (police officer and fire fighter) and then for Monterey County, CA Office of Emergency Services as the manager. When he relocated to New Hampshire, Bill worked as a State Marine Patrol Officer, followed by working as Emergency Manager – Fire Marshal, for Lincoln County, NM, where he established the emergency services office.

Continuing his career in public safety, he relocated to Woodland, CA where he developed the Yolo County, CA Office of Emergency Services. He then moved to Salem, Oregon and worked for the State of Oregon’s Office of Emergency Management until his death. He was viewed not only as a dedicated coworker, but a mentor, and true friend by those with whom he worked.

Bill had a lifetime love of books and wrote a children’s book, Santa Down. He had several additional books in development.

Bill was born in Los Angeles, to the late Katie and Robert Martin. He attended Orange High School and later Sonoma State University, majoring in philosophy. Select previous community service activities including Disaster Chairperson for Area Red Cross, Nashua, NH and Board Member for KEDU Public Radio, Ruidoso, NM.

He lived his life following his core values of desire to do good, at all levels. Bill always strived to practice that in which he believed: honesty, compassion, creativity, conviction, reason, courage, faith, and wisdom. Bill was a member of Masonic Rising Sun Lodge 39, Ancient & Accepted Rite – Nashua NH for over 20 years.

Bill is survived by his wife of over 40 years, Carolyn Schrader, Salem OR.

Other family members include his sister-in-law Rev. Ellie Shapton of Moses Lake, WA, and brother-in-law, Ralph Archuleta of Santa Barbara, CA.

He was preceded in death by his sister-in-law Lucy Archuleta (husband, Ralph) of Santa Barbara, CA and sister-in-law Judith Schrader of Palm Desert, CA. Bill will be remembered by his many friends, each of whom were so important to him.

The family requests memorial donations be made to the Shiners Hospitals for Children, Northern California Sacramento, CA; specifically for burn victims.  

Messages of Sympathy

  1. Janine Mayer says:

    Bill was one of the most kind and generous men I have ever met in my life. I feel so privileged to have been able to work alongside him at OEM. He always had time to listen or to share one of his of his numerous stories. We will truly miss you. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his lovely wife and family.

  2. Janine Mayer says:

    Bill was one of the most kind and generous persons I have ever known. He always had time to listen or share a story. We will miss him terribly. He was a bright light in this dark world.

  3. Tom Jenkins says:

    Bill was always a warm, welcoming presence in the workplace and a humble partner doing what he could, where he could, to make the world a better place. Our community is most certainly a brighter, safer place because of the work that Bill contributed both on the job and outside of the workplace, and it serves as a powerful example of how a single person can make such a large difference when they choose to apply their time & talent in service to others. I miss Bill and am grateful to have known him for as long as I did.

  4. Sarah Puls says:

    Bill was a great friend and colleague. I remember meeting him for an airport assessment prior to getting to work with him at OEM. Always had a way of making you feel welcome. I feel like he made a point to check in on me when I was new at OEM and was always wiling to answer my questions. He will be missed greatly.

  5. Brian Tipsword says:

    Bill was a mentor and friend at work. I miss him, I miss his humor and his generosity. He was kind and a truly good man. We shared the brotherhood of Freemasonry as well. He fully embodied the tenets of our order, Brotherly love, relief and truth. We've lost an amazing person and God has called a Master home. Rest well Brother until we get to talk again.

  6. Kimber Townsend says:

    Bill was a huge mentor to me over the last 15 years. He was always quick to answer random questions and what-if’s. Often with a hug and always with a giant smile. His contribution to the emergency management community will live on in all the lessons he taught us and experiences he shared. Truly a great man.

  7. Mike Chandler says:

    I met Bill when he lived and worked in Woodland, CA. We lunched together often and I will never forget our “What If” conversations. I very much look forward to the day we meet again Bill.

  8. Sonya McCormick says:

    Bill was an amazing coworker, colleague, and friend. He was steady and kind even in the most stressful times. I will always miss Bill, and think of the last time I saw him, even through some struggles, he smiled.

  9. Bill & Robin Underwood says:

    Bill was a wonderful man. He had an impressive and meaningful life. Robin and I were so very sad to learn of his passing. He will be missed.

  10. Staff of Johnson Funeral Home says:

    Thank you for trusting Johnson Funeral Home with his arrangements.

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