In Memory of

Consuelo Torres-Garcia

March 17, 1939–October 20, 2017

Photo of Consuelo Torres-Garcia

About Consuelo Torres-Garcia

Consuelo Torres Garcia, 78, of Chucutitan, passed away on October 20, 2017 in Salem, Oregon. Consuelo was born in Arteaga Michoacán. She married Aureliano Rodriguez Tapia. She dedicated her life to the care of her children and grandchildren. She enjoyed knitting and spending time with her family and friends.

Consuelo is preceded in death by her husband and 4 of her children. She was survived by 5 daughters, 2 sons and many grandchildren. Funeral services will be held from 6p.m-8p.m on Thursday 26, 2017 at Johnson Funeral Home. Memorials or donations may be given at the day of her funeral.

The family of Consuelo wishes to extend our sincere thanks to all her family and friends that loved and care for her through the years that she has been with us.