In memory of

Anna Mae Lindsey

Sep 14, 1927
Jun 19, 2023


Our dear mother, Anna Mae Lindsey passed away on June 19th, 2023 after a long full life. She was very devoted to helping family and gave of her time and resources whenever it was needed. A woman of great faith, she prayed daily for her family.

Anna Mae was the first child born to Carl and Vera Williams on September 14th, 1927 in Silt Colorado. In high school she was a pretty teenager who enjoyed being a majorette. After graduation she worked as a bank teller where she met the love of her life, Raymond Eugene Lindsey. The two were married March 10th, 1946 and had five children, Raymond, Diana, David, Steven, and Alan.

The couple moved to Sandy, Oregon in 1948 and built a home and farm on 20 acres. Anna Mae loved the farm and spent a total of 74 years there. Over the years they planted gardens, raised cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, raspberries and their 5 children. Camping, hunting, fishing and swimming were their favorite getaways. In her later years Anna Mae found great joy in oil painting and teaching art at a senior center.

Anna Mae is survived by three of her children, Raymond, Diana, and Steven. She was preceded in death by her husband Ray, and two sons, David and Alan. It was her request that no funeral or service be held for her. She said, “Tell them to plant a rose for me.” Family and friends are invited to a potluck gathering in celebration of her life. The potluck will be at Eagle Fern Park where Ray and Anna Mae chose to take their children to swim and play every summer

Service Information

When: September 10th, 2023

Where: Eagle Fern Park - 27505 SE Eagle Fern Rd, Eagle Creek, OR 97022

Time: 12:30 - 4:30

What: Potluck Gathering - bring a main dish or salad to share 

Messages of Sympathy

  1. Laura Jean Williams-Crisp says:

    My sister was the oldest of 6 and I was the youngest but she was high energy and always circles around me. She spent many days at the family farm canning with mom while I played with her children until I got in high school. The boys grew strong and helped bring in bails of hay, the girls canned and made big meals for the family. Each meal had home made relish, fresh sliced onions, a variety of vegetables from the garden and always applesauce cake, cookies, homemade bread, and cherry. Pie with the pits in because it was a family tradition to let everyone pit as many cherries as they ate. We had to remember to tell guests before serving. Sis painted just about everyday and always taught anyone that wanted to
    learn. She loved the Lord and prayed for each family and we can all be assured some of those prayers are yet to be answered. She loved her family dearly and tried to be a good example. She never stopped learning the lessons of life that come one at a time. Love, joy, peace, patience, forgiveness, kindness, and self control. She learned to be content in each season. She read a lot and had so much advice she wanted to share but people were not always ready for her wisdom. She tried very. Hard not to gossip. She had so much love to give but it wasn't always received in this busy world. She was always willing to help others and in the end I saw those who tried to give back to help her do hard things, make hard choices etc. She was a strong willed women, very self sufficient and independent until the last year when she at last came to realize that the Bible scripture, "when you are old you will...", now applied to her. She fought giving up and then one day said, I know nw that I will not live alone again. I see that now!" It was a big step in her life lessons. One that ou mother taught well. "Learn" to be content! And she was working at it and doing well when when she surely heard God say, "well done, my faithful daughter!" I will miss her calling every week. I will miss the good laughs and great conversations we had in these last years. She never stopped trying to do life better. All families have disfunctions that become normal in each family. She saw that and really did work to change and break the curse so it would not be carried into the next generation. I hope we all continue to work on being our best self. Refuse to be offended. Refuse to be angry. Life is choices. Sis would want the banner over her family to be love and that kind of love comes from God, through the grace of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit! God bless you all and know you are loved.

  2. Becky Hawley, Wy'east Artisans Guild says:

    Anna Mae was a was a wonderful woman and artist

  3. Cathy Penna Adams (Colorado Springs) says:

    Sorry to hear of her passing. Her Uncle Earl (my Dad) thought the world of her. Love to all of you in Oregon.

  4. Johnson Funeral Home Staff says:

    Thank you for trusting Johnson Funeral Home with her arrangements.

  5. Lesa L. Rodden says:

    I had the pleasure of knowing Anna only for a short time. She was such a lovely woman. I am sorry for Miranda and her children and Mikayla as I know they were all especially close. My prayers go out to the rest of the family as well. She was an angel here on earth.

  6. Caren Topliff says:

    I am sorry for us but elated for her as she will be with her sons, husband and parents again.

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