In Memory of

David Clark Mahler

August 17, 1940–July 25, 2017

Photo of David Clark Mahler

About David Clark Mahler

Dave Mahler was the youngest of his siblings. He was much younger, so his sister-in-law, Betty, played a huge part in his upbringing. Dave has always been adventurous and curious. There are many stories of his hijinks growing up in the small town of Toledo, Oregon. Dave took a lot of pride in his family and pride in his country. He served in the Air Force for eight years where he worked on highly classified aircraft during the Vietnam War. His talents transitioned to the Department of Defense working on submarines and battleships. Dave later was a key person for setting up the satellites used in Desert Storm. During his travels around the world Dave met his late wife Nellie in the Philippines. They were married for 40 years until her passing in 2015. Dave and Nellie are succeeded by their children and  many grandchildren. Dave was fond of Buddhism and his favorite of the lucky gods was Hotei. His uncanny laughter and kind spirit brought happiness to many. He is also known as the protector of children. These are qualities that Dave embodied. Dave will always be remembered for his kindness and his wit for cracking funny jokes. Conan the Barbarian was even his Facebook picture for a while.