In memory of

Shelia M Cuppernell

Sep 28, 1946
Nov 22, 2016


Shelia Mary Cuppernell was born in Denver, Colorado on September 28, 1946 to career military noncommissioned officer Clark Clintsman, and his wife Virginia.  She was a true member of the post war, "baby boomer" generation, and was the first of seven children born to this family.

From her earliest years, she traveled and lived many places.  Her father's military career demanded constant movement.  As the oldest of seven children, she assisted her mother in the raising of her siblings, especially during the long absences when her father was away.  As a pre-teen and teenager, she lived in the Far East in Japan and experienced living abroad.  She even had the chance to climb Mt. Fuji.  Through her earliest years, she had a great love for animals, owning several.  Throughout her life she also had remarkable empathy and compassion for the elderly and children.  As she was the oldest, she had much responsibility and took to it with relish; always putting others needs ahead of her own.

She had very little time to embrace childhood and due to constant relocation, she had little time to put down firm roots in one location.  Long lasting friends were only to be had with the bond of her siblings.  Shelia was a protective, introverted, and careful.  She truly had no one to confide in her innermost thoughts, and as she returned to California from overseas, she had little inkling that fate would intervene.  It did intervene when she met her eventual husband; Bill Cuppernell.  At first she could not stand him. He was a street kid with a carefree attitude to match, and not up to the standards of a dignified young lady.  However, as they began to talk, Bill showed he had a heart and a compassionate side.  They began to form a bond and she began to look past his rough edges.  A friendship began that would be the building of a love that would last a lifetime.  Shelia and Bill went and experienced many happy times, and many hard times that would have tried the strongest of souls.  Yet they remained always together.  They lived, loved and laughed through 50 years of marriage.  They had three children; Cherie, Bill and Daniel.  This couple experienced anxiety and fear when Bill went to war in Vietnam, and the terrible sadness at the loss of their child Shannon.

The family traveled many miles living in about every region of this country.  Shelia helped many people throughout her life as a private duty nurse, and was always sought after for her compassion.  She so deeply loved her family; especially her grandchildren, Ashley, Zack, Kimberly, and Elizabeth; and her great grandchildren Oliver and Sebastian.

We who knew her all our lives, truly know what a kind, caring, and compassionate woman she is (not was).  She had so much pain through the last 6 years, but she continued to think of others before herself.  God has finally called you home, my sweet mother.  May you forever be blessed in the highest level in heaven, for all you have done for your family and others.  All of our love goes with you, until we meet again!

Shelia was preceded in death by her mother Virginia, brother, Michael, and Daughter Shannon.  She is survived by her husband William, her 3 children; Cherie Abbott, William Cuppernell, and Daniel Cuppernell, her four grandchildren; Ashley Suriano, Zack Abbott, Kimberly Cuppernell, and Elizabeth Cuppernell, and two great grandchildren; Oliver Suriano, and Sebastian Suriano.

Here are some of husband Bill's reflections on his dear wife.  "She was a wonderful person who achieved peace in her life.  Her happiest times were when she was among family whom she held dearly.  She always wanted to help and never to condemn.  She would feed any animal she came in contact with. She also kept a spotless house and would not stop until everything was in its right place.  She was the love of my life and her children.  She cared for all in her extended family and her own.  So, my darling, rest in peace until we will be together again.  Be with God and know you will always be in my heart.  Your loving boy, Bill."

Service Information

Memorial Service
Friday December 2nd, 2016 11:00 AM
Queen of Peace Catholic Church
4227 Lone Oak RD SE
Salem, OR 97302

Messages of Sympathy

  1. Lori says:

    It is my misfortune that I did not meet Shelia until her final days here on earth. From what I learned during that short time, and meeting her wonderful family, it is extremely apparent that she is an amazing woman. I pray for peace and comfort for all of the Cuppernell family at this difficult time. God bless you all. Thank you for the privilege of being She liars nurse.

  2. Cuppernell & Abbott family says:

    Johnson's family funeral home and serenity hospice in Salem Oregon have been truly amazing highly recommended by this family the Cuppernell and Abbott family thank you for your loving kindness you gave to our mother and wife to Bill and help God bless you all

  3. Johnson Funeral Home Staff says:

    Our deepest sympathies to the Cuppernell family. Shelia was clearly loved deeply. Thank you for trusting Johnson Funeral Home with her arrangements.

  4. Bill M Cuppernell says:

    My beautiful sweet mother, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us over the years. You taught us to be honest and trustworthy and always give the benefit of the doubt" with everyone. You are a selfless to a fault, and sacraficed your own happiness for others time and again.
    Finally it is your time my beloved mother, to live in paradise without sadness and pain. All our love goes with you, I will long for the day when I see your smile again, along with Grandma and Grandpa. Take care of Benji, Shasta, Kodie, Scooby , Sheba and all the many others, we will be all reunited one day and we love them. All my love my precious mother, no goodbye, until we meet again.

  5. Larry & Diana Hashimura says:

    Was Sheila & Bills next door neighbor for many years, you could not find a sweeter more caring person in all the world, Diana and I will dearly Sheila, may God bless you

  6. Kenneth F. Abbott III says:

    I've had the honor and privilege of knowing Shelia for 30 years since I was 17. She was always do kind and loving. She always welcomed everyone whether you family or not you always left her feeling like you were family. I had many wonder travels and at times it seemed like adventures but they were always a joy we she was there. Shelia always felt like a mother to me at times I was closer to her than my own. She was always there for me, Cherie and are two wonderful children Ashley and Zack and our two beautiful grandchildren Oliver and Sebastian She showed so much love love to everyone and will be missed by so many people. I know she is in heaven with all the other angels with her beautiful smile. Even though she is no longer here on earth with us I can still feel the love she has given me. Shelia I will miss you so much. I know you are at peace and know longer suffering. Please know I love and miss you and you will always be in my heart. Peace be with you

  7. Cherie Abbott says:

    I forgot to add my name to the last post but I'm sure everyone knows it's me

  8. Anonymous says:

    I'm so grateful to have had a mother like I had. She always wanted the best for me. Throughout my life I have so many memories 49 years of them. Camping, traveling, family holidays, she was there for my children she was there for me in my darkest days and my happiness. I called her every day every day!!! No matter what even as a teenager I had to find a phone because there were no cell phones and call her, I always got slack for that but I didn't care. She was always on the other side of the phone with encouragement advice sometimes we disagreed but always made up, and always was so relief that I was ok and safe. When I was in a car accident one time she was called and the only thing she wanted to know was ( is she still breathing) she loved us with every breath of her soul. Who I'm I going to call now. I'm so broken I'm so shocked this year has been so horrible for me and my family I know we all go through things in life but I pray next year will bring hope. I love you mommy I love you ! ❤️️

  9. Robert Sawyer says:

    I send my love and prayers to the family Shelia was a very loving person and she cared for everyone she will be so missed she will always be my sister and her memories and love will live on in our hearts <3 <3

  10. Mary Ellen Abbott-Gillins says:

    I had the privilege to meet Shelia a few times over the years. She always had a smile on her face and a hug to give every time we saw each other (even if it had only been a few hours). When my children and I went to California in 2009 she and Bill welcomed us into their home open armed. I'm forever greatful to know Sheila. RIL

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