In memory of

Robert Keith Mulkey

Sep 21, 1952
Sep 1, 2022


Robert K Mulkey, 69, a longtime resident of Salem, then Jefferson, OR passed away peacefully on September 1, 2022 at home in the arms of his daughter. He was lovingly known to his friends and family as Bob or Bobby.

Bob was born September 21, 1952 in Salem, OR to Edward Mulkey and Sylvia Hastings. He was the oldest of 3 children, with a younger sister and brother, Elizabeth and Bruce Mulkey. He graduated from North Salem High School in 1970, then joined the Army and attended West Point Academy.

After attending West Point, Bob went to College at Western Oregon State College. He worked very hard and spent most of his life working in construction, building manufactured homes. He met Jeannie Miller later in life and became a loving stepfather to her two children Michelle Miller and Christopher Rocha. Bob and Jeannie had 1 child together, Tarah Mulkey. He was known as “Grandpa Bob” to his grandchildren from Michelle, and his memory will be shared with his granddaughter from Tarah whom he was just about 2 months away from meeting. He enjoyed good music, spending time with family and friends, golf, fishing, watching sports on TV as well as shows like Ancient Aliens, Pawn Stars, and old westerns, and loving his favorite person in the world, his daughter Tarah.

A celebration of life for Bob will be held on September 25, 2022 from 1 - 3pm at Johnson Funeral Home in Salem, OR.

Service Information

Celebration of Life
Sunday September 25, 2022 1 - 3pm
Johnson Funeral Home
134 Missouri Ave S Salem, OR.

Messages of Sympathy

  1. Steven Michael Howe says:

    Bubbie....I am so mad at myself for missing your memorial service. Grrrrŕ. I had surgery for my broken hand on Friday during which they somehow managed to puncture my eardrum, now how the hell do you do that is what I want to know? If you have never had it happen to you it's pretty strange. You feel like you're underwater and your equilibrium is all screwed up.
    How are you doing Edith? I am so sorry you had to bury your son. That is one of my worst fears as a father is having to see one of my own children off. He's a good guy although it's been many years since I've seen him. Jeff Combs came to visit me 3-4 years ago and that was the first person we were going to see. I did a bit too much pre-partying(cause I hadn't seen Jeff in ages myself) and he went home shortly àfter he arrived. I definitely don't drink like that anymore. Bubbie I never got to meet your lady friend and was really surprised you had a daughter. I would like to say hi to them a someday if that's cool. Hope all is good with you Liz, you too Brewster. You all take care. Peace

  2. Ingrid Sadler says:

    I don’t think I ever meet your dad Tarah, but he must of been a wonderful person and dad, to have such a loving daughter like you. So sorry he didn’t get to see your sweet little baby to come. Love you honey and know because of his loving ways raising you, you and Devan will be the same wonderful parents to our sweet little girl to come! Love you!

  3. Chuck Siewert says:

    Hi Bob, I didn't have time enough to get to know you well but I always enjoyed seeing your bright shinny face. You were frequent surround by a group of happy, friendly people. You've left behind a wonderful collection of very fine family and friends. I'll think of you often when gathering with them.
    My turn soon ... will see you then.
    God bless you.

  4. Bruce A Mulkey says:

    I will miss you brother, Rest In Peace (RIP).

  5. Staff of Johnson Funeral Home says:

    Thank you for trusting Johnson Funeral Home

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