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Richard Noble Conolly II

Oct 24, 1942
Feb 9, 2022


Richard Noble Conolly II was born in Waco, Texas in 1942. He graduated from Texas A&M and joined the United States Air Force to fly F4 Phantoms. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross twice for Extraordinary Achievement and Heroism in Vietnam and retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 1986.

He was most proud of his children and grandchildren. He enjoyed spending time with loved ones. He loved gardening, building, and was a culinary master, especially if it involved garlic, rare steak, dark chocolate, wine, and sugar in all its forms. He is survived by his wife, Jo, her daughters Rachel and Sarah, and five children, Kenneth, Rogers, Kimberly, Virginia, and Richard III.

Messages of Sympathy

  1. Nancy Sullivan says:

    I met Richard because of my friendship with Jo.
    From the first time I met Richard, it was obvious how much he and Jo loved each other – the way they looked at each other and treated each other. It always made me feel so good that they had found each other.
    It was my honor to get to know Richard as much as I did. He was soft spoken, caring, funny and very intelligent.
    He and Jo helped me clear some blackberries on my property. Richard ran the piece of equipment that cut the blackberries and Jo and I dragged the cut brambles to the burn pile. We made a fun time out of a not-so-fun project. It was a pleasure spending time with them.
    I was so sad to hear Richard had passed. I so wish he would have lived.

  2. SueAnn Small says:

    I will always remember Richard as the beloved husband of my good friend, Jo, but in addition, I greatly appreciated his military service toward the freedoms of our country. When Jo told me that they were getting married, I felt very happy for her as she shared about getting to know this wonderful family man. Over the years, Jo expressed much joy each time she mentioned Richard. Oh how I prayed for Richard when he was in the hospital! With all my heart, I wanted him to come home to spend more years with Jo and his family! As he is now laid to rest, my deepest sympathy to each of you in your great loss. As you grieve, may you feel God’s love, comfort and hope each and every day. I look forward to meeting this amazing man with you in heaven someday. May God be with each of you.

  3. Richard S. Hall, Ph.D. says:

    It was with a very heavy and sad heart that Jo sent an email to me few days ago telling me of Richard’s passing. He was a long time friend, colleague, a proud fellow veteran, a fellow avid outdoorsman, a fellow track & field teammate and roommate and corps member in the same outfit at Texas A&M University, and more recent one of my best and most supportive Facebook followers.
    I am so proud of his service in Vietnam. He told me how much he loved to fly those fighter jets and how I envied him. Recently we talked about gardening (garlic), love of family, duck hunting (he claims that I save his life on one of our hunts when he was drowning on a dark cold morning in the marshes along the Texas coast), oh, how I could go on and on with stories of our friendship. I will miss him dearly. May God rest his soul and protect and sooth the grieving of his family.

  4. Sam Liebelt says:

    It was an honor to know him for the few years that I did. He was a kind and generous man, warm and welcoming. We talked baseball and cooking, and I enjoyed every minute of knowing him.

  5. Roxann (Rocky) Huber says:

    What an honor & joy to have known this special man. Usually when I classify someone as "unique" it's the only positive thing that comes to mind. But in Richard's case, oooh my. He truly was AMAZINGLY unique 🙂 .... in the best way! I'm grateful to have witnessed the joyful union he shared with Jo. He made my heart smile for the joy he walked in beside her.
    The time in knowing him was much too short, and I can only imagine for each of you.
    I am so sorry for your pain in loss of his presence. My love, HIS peace & comfort are extended to each of you.

  6. Cheryl Dowden says:

    My heartfelt condolences goes out to Richard’s family. It’s never easy to say goodbye to a husband, father or grandfather, but in Richard’s case I hope to meet him one day in heaven. I am so sorry for your lose. May you feel HIS peace in Richard’s absence. God bless you all in your grieving process.

  7. Johnson Funeral Home Staff says:

    Thank you for trusting Johnson Funeral Home with his arrangements

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