In Memory of

Michelle Renee Lemming

April 8, 1974–November 14, 2018

Photo of Michelle Renee Lemming

About Michelle Renee Lemming

Michelle Renee Lemming was born in Harare, Zimbabwe formerly named Salisbury, Rhodesia. She was born on April 8th, 1974 to Bridget Turner and Clive Lemming at Princess Margaret Hospital. She was a beautiful tiny baby, with gorgeous, brown eyes and dark hair. She was raised by her grandmother, Violet Lemming. In her early years, she loved growing up around her uncles, aunts, cousins and doting on her ailing Dad in Zimbabwe. Christmas 1983, at the age of 9, she immigrated to Salem, Oregon in the United States with Violet. She not only saw her first snowfall, but got stranded in it in our huge, navy blue Mirada! She took it all in her stride and thought it rather fascinating! As a young student, at Morningside Elementary she was driven to achieve the best grades. Michelle continued her successful school years at Judson Middle School, going on to and graduating from Sprague High School. She then graduated with her Bachelor’s degree at Western Oregon State University. This led to her employment with the federally funded program, Family Building Blocks. This is where she felt most fulfilled and enjoyed helping families with young children grow, learn and prosper. Michelle was deeply affected by the death of Violet and soon after left the Building Blocks program. Michelle was reunited with her biological Mom, Bridget, and found great joy in knowing she had other siblings with whom she kept in touch. She tried to find her niche in life, but struggled with depression, which steadily worsened over the years and manifested into mental illness. She continued to communicate with her state-side aunts and uncles and with the help of modern technology her family abroad.

At home with the Lord now and at peace, she leaves her loving family: The Coxes, Lemmings (in the US and Zimbabwe), Wedertz, and Coles families. In the UK, she is survived by her mother and step-father, the Apples, Rollos and Turners families along with friends here and across the globe.

She was truly loved. She will always be missed.

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In lieu of flowers or any donations, the family is asking you to give to mental health foundations in your area.