In Memory of

Maryn Dallas Chapman

June 20, 2011–November 16, 2018

Photo of Maryn Dallas Chapman

About Maryn Dallas Chapman

Maryn Dallas Chapman passed away in her home on November 16, 2018 after an eight month battle with brain cancer. Maryn was lively, sweet, fiery and loving from day one. She was a passionate child and was confident of her place in the world. Maryn loved doing pretty much anything with her family and friends, but some of her favorite activities were camping, soccer, basketball, riding bikes, kayaking and swimming. She was a loyal friend, and would regularly beg for playdates and sleepovers. Socializing and playing were definitely top priorities for her.

Maryn’s best friend in the world was her big sister, Cora. One of their favorite games was trying to make the other one laugh, and they rarely lasted more than a few seconds before giggling hysterically. They shared many inside jokes and spent endless hours playing and planning their many adventures.

Everyone is special in their own way, but Maryn truly was an extraordinary kid. She had an infectious laugh and was rarely seen without a smile on her face. She was kind and thoughtful, but also bold and mischievous. Although she could be strong-willed and ornery, it was hard to stay mad at her for more than a few minutes. She would quickly win you over with a hug and her quick wit. We will always remember her with her head cocked to one side, a mischievous smile and a twinkle in her eye ready for whatever life brought her way.

Maryn had an amazing amount of courage and confidence – nothing seemed to get her down; she would just shrug her shoulders and keep on going. Even in the face of cancer, Maryn lived every day to its fullest and was happy and active until the last month and a half of her illness. Maryn will remembered for her wit, courage and spunk. She genuinely found joy in life everyday, and loved to be surrounded by family and friends. We may not be able to touch her, but we can still feel her presence and influence. There will never be a day that her family and friends do not think of her and the joy she brought to us.

Maryn is survived by her parents, Graham and Chrissy Chapman; her sister, Cora; her paternal grandparents, Bob and Maureen Chapman; her maternal grandparents, Mike and Carolyn Maloney; her aunts, Melanie Caston, Stacy Maloney and Wanda Maloney; her uncles, Mike Maloney and Chris Caston, and her cousin, Avery Caston.
Maryn’s life will be celebrated on December 15, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at Salem Alliance Church (555 Gaines St. NE, Salem, OR). Friends and family are welcome to join in remembering Maryn. The family asks that guests wear rainbow colors, as Maryn loved rainbows.

The family received an extraordinary amount of support and love from family, friends, co-workers, foundations, medical staff and even complete strangers throughout the past nine months. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Maryn’s honor to the following organizations that provided exceptional support during her illness:

Darian’s Gift
Supports families in treatment for pediatric cancer through financial assistance, physical acts of service, “Family Days” and emotional support in the Salem area.

Darian’s Gift

Pile of Puppies
A Portland-based organization that provides kids who have been given an extra physical challenge in their life with a puppy playdate to bring joy even in the hardest times.

Children’s Cancer Association (CCA)
When seriously ill children, teens and their families need more than medicine, CCA’s innovative programs create joy one moment at a time through music, financial support, weekends at the Caring Cabin on the coast, and much more.


Make-a-Wish Foundation
Make-a-wish grants wishes to make life better for kids with critical illnesses. We went to Disney World and did a Harry Potter experience for Maryn’s wish.

**Donations may be made online at indicated websites, or checks may be deposited in the container by the guestbook at the entrance.