In Memory of

Makayla Tryon

January 8, 2001–June 2, 2019

Photo of Makayla Tryon

About Makayla Tryon

Makayla Tryon, 18 years of age, died on June 2, 2019, with two of her girlfriends as a result of a drunk driver. She had been spending her evening with friends and they were on a snack run when their vehicle was struck.

Makayla, daughter of Jenny and Kyle, and sister to Nathan and Andrew, was born in Salem OR and spent her life here, attending school and getting a GED in 2017. She had been working at Panera Bread for a number of years.

As a very young child, she loved dressing up and choosing her own lovely combination of clothing to wear. Makayla loved animals. She enjoyed taking care of and spending time with her bunny rabbit, dog and two kitties. Throughout her years, she spent time creating in a variety of ways; for example, delightful very small clay objects, sketching, journaling.

Makayla enjoyed spending time with family and friends, joking and laughing. Reading was important to her, as well as watching TV and movies, and listening to music. Chatting with friends on her phone, taking pictures and watching videos were favorite past times for her. Her favorite shopping spots included Value Village and Goodwill plus other stores, always looking for a good deal to be had.

A good drink from Dutch Brothers added to her joy, as well as some tasty sushi. When the occasion arose, her eyes would sparkle as she gave gifts to others.

Makayla was just beginning to live her life when she was so tragically taken from us. While these words are not her words and have been borrowed, they speak to our broken hearts and our experience of loss: “Do not shed tears when I have gone but smile instead because I have lived. Do not shut your eyes and pray to God that I’ll come back but open your eyes and see all that I have left behind.”