In Memory of

Catherine Bertha Bramman

October 11, 1930–March 20, 2020

Photo of Catherine Bertha Bramman

About Catherine Bertha Bramman

Catherine passed away on Friday March 20th, 2020. She is survived by her children Ron, Susan, Kristie and Laurie.

Catherine was born in 1930 in Raritan, New Jersey. She worked as a home maker for her children and many grandchildren after moving to Arizona and then Oregon in 1978.

She lived a courageous life providing for her family, their friends and made everyone feel welcome whenever she could. She helped to shape and mold our entire family into what we are today.

She has given our family many fond memories ensuring that no one was forgotten during holidays, often referred to by her family as their own personal Santa Claus and always had kind words of encouragement.

“Without you I know that I must change.
Without you I’ll never be the same.
Farewell, Godspeed, And goodbye.
You have lived, and you have changed All our lives” – Alter Bridge