In Memory of

Terry Lynn Breyer

August 21, 1958–December 28, 2017

Photo of Terry Lynn Breyer

About Terry Lynn Breyer

Terry was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She grew up in the Bay area of California. She moved to Dallas, Oregon after she got married.

She knew that she wanted to be in the healthcare industry very early on in life, and earned her CNA certification before she graduated high school.

Terry loved the clients that she served in her 40 plus years in the healthcare field. She served at various institutions serving hospitals, nursing homes, home care, and youth institutions. She was very passionate about her career, and loved to care for others.

Terry also loved her crafts. She loved decorating for holidays, sending cards, yarn work, and gift giving to her family members. She was very thrifty and always seemed to be working on a new craft project.

Terry had 3 children – Shawn, Kendra, and Candice. She also had 9 grandchildren – Abigail, Benjamin, Maximus, Alex, Devin, Cody, Cassie, Kyle, Chile. She also leaves behind a devoted life partner of over 20 years, Tim.

She will be remembered for her ability to be thoughtful of others and her love for those who needed care. She will
also be remembered for her ability to stretch her hard-earned dollar as far as it could go. Most of all, she will be remembered for her heart to serve others, her ability to encourage others to grow, and her love for her family. May she forever rest in peace.