In Memory of

Terry Brauhn

April 25, 1964–March 29, 2018

Photo of Terry Brauhn

About Terry Brauhn

Terry Brauhn was a wonderful man that was loved, is greatly missed, and will always be cherished. On Thursday, March 29th, 2018, Terry, beloved husband, adored father, and friend to many passed away suddenly at the age of 53 years old. Terry was known as the storykeeper of the family, a jokester with a big personality, and being the kind of person who demonstrated that love is an action word.

His story began on April 25th, 1964 in the Dalles, Oregon. He is the eldest of his brothers.

Despite not having the easiest childhood, and feeling lost, hurt, and broken, as a young man Terry discovered the love of God, and with that love, his life was transformed and He became a shining example to many by going on to live a full life of victory, resiliency, gratefulness, and laughter.

In 1989, Terry married the love of his life Sonia Cecilia Lucero Brauhn. He would always say, “I didn’t just marry my wife, I married the whole big crazy family.” During their dating years, Terry couldn’t just take out Sonia, he also had to take her sisters and mother along, who enjoyed all of the good food at Terry’s dime.

In 1993 Terry and Sonia welcomed their firstborn, Tasha, and 1998 their second child, Christopher.

By trade, Terry worked as a Mental Health Therapist, which was a work of love. Terry would always say that, “Every single person, no matter how broken or hurting, only wants to be shown respect and compassion and to be treated as a valued Human.”
Terry not only talked the talk, and boy did he love to talk to anyone and everyone, but he lived his life to the fullest. Forever in our hearts, husband, father, and cherished Friend.

Written By Sonia Cecilia Brauhn, wife of 28 years to Terry Brauhn
My Son was going through his stuff and he found a valentine card from My husband to
“You’re the Love of My Life. Sometimes I can barely believe my good luck to be sharing
my life with you… I am truly a lucky man to have your trust, your friendship, and your
love. I know it takes some work and compromise to make a marriage last, and yet I still
feel incredibly lucky to have found someone who I can love more each day, who I keep
falling in love with over and over as our partnership deepens through the years. The
world may change around us, but that doesn’t worry me, because I married the love of
my life and that makes me the luckiest man alive. Happy Valentine’s Day.”
This is the last card I have from My husband. He was the love of my life. I was 13 when
I met him and I just knew he was going to be my husband some day. He was my friend
for 3 yrs., then he was my boyfriend on and off for 3yrs. We have been married for 28
wonderful years. We had two kids; a girl and a boy. Terry was the best Father, my best
friend, and the love of my life. He was the kindest person, friendliest person. Everyone
that knew him just loved him. Terry made a big difference in the lives of many and all
my families life. I miss you so, so much. I still cannot believe that you are gone. I
thought we had at least 20 more years together, and I thought it would be me dying first,
not you.
I was not ready. Now I have to learn to go on without you. I know that you are now in
heaven with my mom.

Written By Chris Brauhn, Son of Terry and Sonia
Words cannot explain how much my heart hurts. I was nowhere near
being ready to lose you dad. Im thankful for the 19 years that I’ve gotten
blessed to be your son. I’m so thankful for everything you ever did to
support me. I cherish that way you loved mom, and took care of us. I
cherish the way you were always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone
in need. I cherish the way you taught me how to serve the lord and to be a
responsible young man. You were the best father that any son could ever
ask for. I will forever love & miss you dad.
Rest In Peace,
a loving husband and father 3-29-18.

Written By Rocio Lara, Sister-In-Law of Terry Brauhn
My heart is aching my heart is torn I was blessed to have you as my brother in
law.. I thank God for giving me the chance to get to know you. Thank you for ALL you
did for my kids now they are grown and I know you touched there hearts in so many
ways like you did mine. You were a wise man that told me that I deserved nothing but
the best and to never settle. You were just a phone call away and now your gone. You
left without saying goodbye but it comforts me that your watching over us I wish you
were still here my friend.. I will be looking out for your wife and taking good care of her
so don’t worry she be alright one day at a time. Thank you for loving her the way you did
and for showing me how a man should respect and love his family before himself.
Love you,
Rest In Peace

Written By Giselle Lara, Niece of Terry Brauhn
I woke up this morning thinking I was in a big nightmare. I kept opening and
shutting my eyes over and over again, until I finally woke up. As if me shutting my eyes
tighter will make this become make believe.
Last night, March 29th, 2018, I lost a man who was like my dad. He was my dad. He
was more than my uncle, he was the man who came to all my firsts. He was the man
that pulled me out of the dark. He said I’m going to be something big in this world and to
remember him when I make that good money. He was a man who kept knocking your
head saying it’s hollow. He laughed. He joked all the time.
He was the man supposed to walk me down the aisle when my day comes, knowing my
real dad might not show up. He was the man who was just suppose to show me how to
park closer to the curb because there was always an embarrassingly large amount of
space between the curb and the car. He was the man always telling me “you’re too
young”, and I’d always want to do it even more to prove him wrong. He’d come over
every Friday night, weekends, and if he was free on weekdays. He was always that
And now, nothing makes sense to me anymore. My whole world has flipped upside
down, and I myself don’t know what the meaning of “it’s okay” really is. I was fortunate
to have a man in my life like him, and all our family can stand by this.
My loving, crazy, white bald-headed Tio Terry, I love you so much. And I hope heaven
has good Xbox games up there, I know that’s important.
Much love,
Your niece.

Written By Vivianna Lara, Niece of Terry Brauhn

I have absolutely no words. We were laughing last weekend. But last night my uncle
terry passed away so unexpectedly. He was like a father figure to me since I moved to
Oregon 8 years ago. Always there when I needed him. Always there for my boys.
Cracking jokes and always had a giant smile on his face. I am in disbelief. Like it’s a bad
dream. He would always always tell me “someday little lady you’re going to find yourself
a real good man and he’s going to be so lucky. You’r e an amazing mom and doing an
amazing job raising those boys. You’re doing a good job. Never settle for less than what
you deserve.” He’s with our abuelita now, probably giving her a hard time because
that’s how their bond was. He didn’t know a lick of Spanish but he would still talk to
abuelita and she would nod her head as if she understood. I’m going to miss him so
Rest easy soldier, Say hi to grandma for us.