In Memory of

Paul TeGroen

April 6, 1940–January 29, 2018

Photo of Paul TeGroen

About Paul TeGroen

Paul Dirk TeGroen was born April 6th, 1940 in Bell, California to parents Paul and Mildred. He served our country in the Air Force and was a correctional officer for many years. He married the love of his life Sylvia TeGroen and they had 4 children.

He is survived by Sylvia TeGroen, his wife. They would have been married 55 years on April 29th, 2018. Paul had 4 children. Paul’s oldest is Sharon TeGroen; she passed away April 26, 2015. His second child is Suzanne TeGroen, the third is James TeGroen, and the youngest is Sacha TeGroen.

He had many grandkids that he loved so much; Brittany, Michael, David, Leah, Kingston, Alex, Shaquille, Gabriel, Korbin, Skye, and Harlow. He is also survived by his niece Francine TeGroen, and Nephew Steve TeGroen.

Paul was a very funny man who will be remembered by his favorite quotes such as “went down like a shot buck” and “something is gonna get ya in the end”.

He was a great father, husband, grandfather, and friend. He is waiting the ressurrection along with his daughter Sharon. They beat us to paradise; so until we all meet up again, he will be missed.