In Memory of

Luciano Ramos III

October 23, 2017–May 1, 2018

Photo of Luciano Ramos III

About Luciano Ramos III

Our vibrant little boy passed peacefully at home on May 1, 2018. He lived a life full of adventures and learning, surrounded by those who adored him. He brightened the lives of those lucky enough to meet him.

He was always determined and ambitious with all of the little things he did. Celebrations and encouragement were always in order whenever he would accomplish his milestones, filling us all with pride. His laughs, squeaks, and loving smile we’re a constant theme throughout our home. He was loved and doted on from the first moment we knew he would come into this world, and nothing was more tiring, rewarding, aggravavating, enjoyable, or beautiful than watching him grow into the spirited child he was. He will always be remembered as our little guy and “Daddy’s Little Booger-Butt”.

We appreciate everyone who contributed positivity to his life, and even those who didn’t get the chance to meet him. A service to will be held for him to celebrate what an animated little boy he was.