In Memory of

Horst Boettcher

May 10, 1931–April 30, 2019

Photo of Horst Boettcher

About Horst Boettcher

Horst Boettcher of Falls City Oregon passed away at 12:51 pm on April 30th, 2019. Horst was born in Berlin-Schoneberg Germany on May 10th, 1931. His parents were Kathe Hedwig Margarete, and Alferd Oskar Max Boettcher. In his first marriage he had his daughter named Karola Boettcher-Sanders. His second marriage was to Lilli Boettcher for 19 years. He had two step children; Joan Taylor, and Glen Pearce.

Horst studied at a trade school in Germany, and he specialized in woodworking and carpentry. He took pride in sharing what he loved to anyone who would listen. He was a beautiful storyteller, pulling you in with his strong German accent. You felt safe whenever you heard him speak. He had a way of making every story sound exciting. Germany would always be considered his home.

Horst may have left Germany many years ago, but he brought Germany to Oregon. If it wasn’t German beer or food then he stubbornly wouldn’t eat it or drink it. Horst was considered a celebrity at Oktoberfest, and he proudly dressed the part. His Oktoberfest family gave him the name “sassy pants”. Horst was witty, corrected you if you said something wrong, and always found a way to make you laugh. He was never afraid to dance with you, and thought every gentleman should know how to dance with a lady. He believed dancing is not something to be ashamed of; everyone should dance regardless of their age or gender. Trains filled his heart with nostalgia, and dancing brought him the love of his life.

Horst was never afraid to tell you what he thought, but made sure you felt loved when he said it. He will always be seen as the strong, stubborn, joyful, and proud man we love. His physical presence may have faded, but his memory will always live on through us. His teachings will be passed onto our children, and our lives will never be the same without him in it.

Horst would want us to celebrate, and to save our tears. No one can be our Horst Boettcher; father, grandfather, and Opa again.