In Memory of

Esperanza Saucedo-Rodriguez

May 11, 1970–January 31, 2019

Photo of Esperanza Saucedo-Rodriguez

About Esperanza Saucedo-Rodriguez

Esperanza Saucedo-Rodriguez passed away at the age of 48 on Thursday the 31st of January 2019. She was born in Morelia, Michoacán, México on May 5th of 1970. In 2001 she immigrated to the US and resided in Salem, OR for over 10+ years. She was a mother, a hero, a role model, a friend, and a beloved human being. Esperanza was blessed with four children, her pride and joy: Brenda, Dante, Carlos, & Kimberly.

Throughout her life she spent every minute she could with those close to her, especially her children, and dedicated her all to Jehovah. Even when faced with many great challenges she wasn’t alone, for her faith relied on Jehovah, God, to take charge in every situation.

Esperanza was a warm, funny, and beautiful woman. Her main hobby was dance, and she was known for her memorable joyful smile. She was not one to sit around at a gathering, her style was to go around meeting new people, share laughs, stories, filling others with joy, and she never seized to lend a helping hand. Her love for being in the outdoors, even if it was just an evening walk, a gathering at the park with friends and/or family, was always backed up with a match of her favorite activity: Volleyball. She always encouraged us throughout our life to live simply, love dearly, to turn our dreams into reality, and to never say “bye.”

During her life she spent her work days in many different fields. Recently working for FACES of America where she took care of younger children, and infants. Before that she worked at many Assisted Living Retirement Homes, Food chains, Home care, and Hair stylist. Her most favorite part of her recent field was to hold and care for babies. Her mission was to kiss as many baby feet as she possibly could, but if she could from every baby that would make her day.

‘’Mi querida madre era una persona sonriente. Siempre estaba feliz y le encantaba estar con sus hermanas y hermanos en la congregación predicando la obra de Jehová. Aunque tenía su dias dificiles ella no lo enseñaba; Solo miraba a mi madre con su sonrisa todos los días y eso voy a extrañar de mi hermosa y preciosa madre. Te voy a extrañar mucho, I love you so much.’’ – Kimo