In Memory of

Albert J. Cadola

July 11, 1938–November 22, 2017

Photo of Albert J. Cadola

About Albert J. Cadola

Albert J. Cadola, (Big Al), 79, passed away Wednesday, November 22, 2017, at Salem Hospital after a long struggle with asbestosis surrounded by his daughters.

Al is survived by his three daughters, Tami Hagen, Amy Ammon and Gena Truitt; and his six grandchildren, Joey Eaos, Alex Ammon, Evie Cadola, Timmy Hagen, Jaden Cadola and Tavious Truitt.

Big Al has a diverse history full of friends, new homes, new jobs and even two careers. Al is from a very small town, Fort Jones, CA where he was born July 11, 1938 to Nilda Mastellato and Eugene Cadola. Al helped out in the family business; the local pub/restaurant then Al went on to serve in the US Navy. In the Navy he was stationed in San Diego and Japan. After his service in the military he dabbled with some college but then went into the Forest Service where he served for over 20 years. After his federal service Al went on to a second career in security.

Al married Carol Napier December 31st, 1974. Al and Carol were married for 20 years when Carol passed away August 25th, 1996.

Al moved around a lot for his career and made many friends a long the way. Al’s career started in Detroit, OR, then moved to Seattle, WA, then Hillsboro, OR, then up to Laurel, OR, down to Aloha, OR then finally settling in Salem, OR where he has lived for the last 18 years.

In all of his life, Al, had an affinity for cars. Al could not hold on to a car for too long! He was always looking for a new passion. In his life it looks as if Al had over 43 cars (that we know of). The most memorable are the 1919 Model T, the 1980’s Nissan 300 ZX, 1990’s Jeep Grand Cherokee’s, Al refurbished a couple Mercedes, he loved to drive around in his 2009 BMW convertible, but his favorite was his 2014 BMW 550.

The celebration of Al Cadola will be December 9th, 2017 at 2pm at 134 Missouri Ave S, Salem OR, 97302 and the celebration will continue at his home after the service.