In Memory of

Aaron Woster

June 6, 1980–June 2, 2017

Photo of Aaron Woster

About Aaron Woster

Aaron touched many of our lives. Some knew him for a brief moment, some for his entire life; all of us blessed to have known him. Aaron was a loving, talented, adventurous, strong willed individual who lived life on his own terms. He felt most at home climbing mountains and scaling rocks— nature was in his soul. He accomplished many things during his short time on this Earth, one of his most proud achievements being his children, Chloe and Samuel. He loved his family fiercely and with his whole heart. Aaron would want to be remembered for that. 

Aaron used to say, “The best view comes after the hardest climb” and I believe that is true for him now. He battled life until the end, and now he is resting peacefully, enjoying the view from heaven.